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Having trouble with your water or sewer lines? Call Dr. Furr!

With so many sewer repair and water line replacement companies in Northern Virginia, who do you call? You call “Absolutely the Best” of course. In fact, we have implemented an entire division that focuses on nothing but water and sewer line issues. We call this division Rooter-Med X™!

Each member of the Rooter-Med X™ team is a continually trained and certified Rooterologist™, and we dispatch them to your home “Absolutely FREE!” F.H. Furr will send out our Rooterologists™ to diagnose your sewer or water line issue and give you an exact, up-front price for repair or replacement.

At F.H. Furr, we’ve been “Absolutely the Best” in sewer repair and water line replacement for over 30 years, and is the only company that will give you “A Plumber In Your Home For Free**!” in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Call us today at 1-800-401-2980 or schedule online.

Common Northern Virginia sewer line problems can include: 

  • Damaged pipes: shifting soil, frozen ground and foundation settling can cause pipes to break or crack
  • Corroded pipes: time and various objects can gradually take their toll  on your pipes and cause collapses in the line and restrict water flow
  • Blocked pipes: foreign objects making it into the piping or grease building up
  • Bellied pipes: ground or soil conditions causing pipes to sink where paper and waste can collect
  • Leaking joints: the seals between pipes can disintegrate over time allowing water to escape
  • Root penetration: over time roots can actually grow into sewer lines causing clogs

Because chronic problems can be deep in the piping system, F.H. Furr uses state-of-the-art video inspection equipment to accurately and immediately identify the problem within the pipes.

Replace water service lines with little disruption to your lawn and landscaping

The underground water pipe line which runs from the city meter to your home can be made of plastic, copper or galvanized steel. Water supply lines can break or develop a leak over time due to different elements in the ground such as tree roots, rock, or even ground settling. It is your responsibility to have your home’s main water line maintained and repaired.

There are several questions to consider when determining if your home’s water supply line is leaking:

  • Is there an unusual increase in your water utility bill?
  • Is there a constantly moist area of your yard?
  • Do you hear water constantly running?

If so, let our professional and highly trained plumbing technicians to evaluate the source of the leak and provide you with options on whether to repair or install a new water service line. With superior knowledge, cutting edge skills, and state-of-the-art equipment, they can handle any water service situation you may have while maintaining the beauty of your home.

Call 1-800-401-2980 today,  not only to help get your water  bill back under control, but also to ensure that one of our most precious resources is not being wasted.

Root Infested Sewer Line

Repair or replace those old sewer and waterlines TODAY!

If you’re having these or any other sewer or water line problems call 1-800-401-2980 or schedule online today and let us help.

Why choose us?

With so many options for home improvement contractors, it’s easy to choose the wrong one. At F.H. Furr, we believe in quality service have a few key differences that make us worth your time and money:

  • We hire the best. We have a commitment to the highest degree of professional development and training in the industry. No cut-rate guys here.
  • We protect your home. Our goal is to leave your home the way we found it – no clutter, dirt, or damage.
  • Flat-rate pricing. You’ll know what we charge upfront with no hidden costs or additional expenses.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, we at F.H. Furr accept responsibility for your satisfaction with both the materials and workmanship we use on your home. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not finished until you are.