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Comfort, Safety, Savings –

There’s nothing watered-down about our plumbing maintenance.

Most people think their plumbing doesn’t require any maintenance. But did you know that a leaky faucet or toilet can waste several hundred gallons of water a day and add hundreds of dollars to your annual water and sewer bill? And how about your emergency water shutoff? If your emergency water shutoff fails during a crisis you could be out thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Last but not least, what about the safety dangers (electrical and otherwise) to you and your family if your sump pump malfunctions during flooding?

Don’t wait until there’s a disaster. Have F.H. Furr come out and make sure that your plumbing system is operating properly. Our plumbing inspections are thorough and include:

Dye Testing of All Toilets

The purpose of this test is to determine if your toilet has a money wasting leak. A large leak could waste hundreds of gallons of water each day and add several hundred dollars to your annual water and sewer bill. If you are on a septic tank, the same leak could be even more expensive.

Check All Exposed Hot & Cold Water Supply Lines

Supply lines can deteriorate and even rupture. Deteriorated lines can usually be detected and replaced before a serious leak and damage occurs.

Check All Sink Piping

Corroded and deteriorated traps can be detected and replaced before they cause problems.

Check All Fixture Drains

Fixture drains that are not “free-running” are likely to become completely plugged.

Check All Washing Machine Hoses

Hoses deteriorate and can rupture and cause damage with age.

Check All Outside Faucets For Leaks

Unrepaired leaks waste money and the absence of vacuum breakers can be hazardous.

Check All Emergency Water Shut Offs For Proper Operation and Tag All Emergency Shut Offs

Nonworking emergency shut offs are of no use when really needed and can fail when used, causing bigger problems.

An inspection ensures your equipment is operating safely and saves money by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns.

Call 1-800-401-2980 or schedule your appointment online to get your comprehensive plumbing inspection today!

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