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Air Conditioning Products


F.H Furr is proud to offer a wide variety of air conditioning products that will meet your every need. Click on the link below for more information on a particular product or give us a call at 1-800-401-2980 for a Free Estimate today!







Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are a necessity in every home, without them, comfort would be nearly impossible during the warm months. Maintaining or replacing your A/C unit is a must when it comes to quality comfort.

Air Handlers

Air Handlers work in conjunction with heat pumps or air conditioners to condition and circulate the air in your home.

Ductless Systems

Ductless Systems allow air conditioning to be pumped into the home without the use of ductwork. Air is pulled from outside and sent into a box installed inside the home where it’s dispersed into the desired zone. Perfect for home additions.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats greatly benefit your home by saving money and energy cooling. Programmable Thermostats allow you to program your A/C to use only when you need to.

Zoning Systems

Zoning Systems allow homeowners to control where air conditioning is distributed. Zoning Systems can be installed in areas of your home where you spend the most time. No more hot room/cold room dilemma!


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